Goddard Enterprises


The meat and grocery store that started as a partnership between father and son Joseph and Victor Goddard on October 13, 1921 is now a global enterprise spanning 23 countries in the Caribbean, North, South and Central America. Goddard Enterprises has been able to manage this impressive feat by diversification as three years after their initial opening, Mr Goddard purchased the Ice House building on Broad Street expanding their food operation, then in 1939 made an acquisition into the baking industry, leading to the ownership of Purity bakery. They further diversified in 1943 when Goddard ventured into the department retail and hotel business. The latter would eventually lead to the development of an airline catering service. Today Goddard Enterprise operates over 50 companies in the traditional areas of  retailing, wholesaling and operating while also expanding into new industries. 

Mr. Carey Tulloch, General Manager
Ms. Marina Corbin, Accounts Clerk