Looking to sell overseas but don’t know where to start?

Or you are already exporting and finding that it costs more or
takes longer than anticipated to get your products into new markets.

The good news is that Export Barbados (BIDC) is here to help you to navigate the journey
whether you are new or further along the exporting journey.

See where you fit in.

Exporters’ Tier System

A tiered system has been introduced to allow for more effective delivery of services and intervention to exporters. Companies were assigned to five tiers based on their certified exports in the year 2020.


Global Trading

Tier 1 covers those companies with at least US$10 million in exports in 2020.


Quality Infrastructure

Companies in Tier 2 exported between US$5 million and US$10 million.


Export Innovation

Those in Tier 3 had US$1 million to US$5 million in exports.



Those with between US$150,000.00 and US$1 million fall in Tier 4


Export Academy

Tier 5 includes all those companies that exported less than $150,000.00.

Speak With An Export Officer

Trade Lead Officer
Paula Bourne
Tel: (246) 836-3876 | pbourne@bidc.org

Quality Infrastructure
Marina Taitt
Tel: (246) 836-3891 | mtaitt@bidc.org

Innovate Lead Officer
Fern Lewis
Tel: (246) 836-3882 | flewis@bidc.org

iExport Officer
Ryan Nurse
Tel: (246) 836-3873 | rnurse@bidc.org

Export Academy
Coral Taylor
Tel: (246) 836-3879 | ctaylor@bidc.org

Export Barbados (BIDC) will work with the companies in each tier to help
them grow their exports and move to the next tier. It is expected that over time,
many of the existing exporters will be equipped and empowered to reach Tier 1,
thereby causing a reorientation of the pyramid.