About Us


The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) commenced operations on December 1, 1992, for the purpose of developing Barbados’ industrial, export, and other related activities.

Chapter 340 is the act that governs the Corporation’s existence establishing it as a world-class export-driven economic development agency. Since 2021 it has traded as Export Barbados (BIDC).

We are cognizant that export-oriented industries are central to
economic development given our market of just 300,000 persons.

Function of the Corporation

1. To advise on, promote and facilitate the development of export trade;

2. To conduct and facilitate research into investment, industrial
development and the export of products and services, and to make information available to persons on request;

3. To engage in the export of such products and services as the Corporation considers necessary;

4. To establish, expand and encourage the establishment and expansion of enterprises to engage in the production of goods and services;

5. To provide financial, technical, or other assistance to enterprises engaged in investment, production of goods and services, and export of goods and services;

6. To encourage the development of the indigenous manufacturing sector;

7. To encourage and facilitate investment and the establishment of new enterprises;

8. To develop strategies for improving efficiency and productivity in existing enterprises, including the small business sector; and

9. To do such other things as may be necessary for the proper performance by the Corporation of its functions.

Supporting development and growth in Barbados and beyond.

Our specialized Departments offer customised services that support our clients at every stage of business development and export expansion. Our integrated approach offers maximum benefits to our clients. We combine a range of high value business development, research and design services with factory and office space rental opportunities while harnessing necessary tools, partnerships and international connections.

Our Mission

To provide effective solutions that will enhance the capacity of
businesses to create and respond to market opportunities.

We contribute to the diversification and growth of the economy
through new investmentincreased exports and employment creation 
by fostering the development of internationally competitive business enterprises.

Our Vision

To be the leading catalyst for developing innovative, productive
and internationally competitive businesses.

Our Core Values

These are the principles which fashion and guide the behaviour of our staff in the delivery of service to customers.



Increasing our clients’ opportunities for growth through educationservices and access.

We provide a range of services to support Barbados’ industrial development. Our clients range from individuals to micro and small businesses, to large, exporting enterprises.

Our Divisions

We deliver our services through four divisions.

CEO’s Office;

Innovation, Research and Development Division;

Quality Infrastructure and Customer Service Division;

Finance, Operations and Commercial Properties Division