Certification Documents

Certification Documents

A proof of origin is necessary when exporting products abroad. Barbados has entered into several trading agreements to facilitate the smooth movement of goods by local exporters.  Exporters need to secure the appropriate certificate of origin for their intended destination. 

The Certificate of Origin is issued by a government agency and communicates the following:

  1. That the products are eligible for Community tariff treatment. 
  2. That the authority or body is satisfied as to the accuracy of the evidence provided.

Exporters should note that they must complete a declaration of the origin of goods and where necessary might be required to produce additional information. Export Barbados (BIDC) may also carry out any suitable check for proof of origin. The authorities of the importing member state may also require a confidential assessment of the producer of the goods.

Below is a list of existing agreements.

1. The Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM)
2. The Caribbean Basin Recovery Act (CBI)
3. CARICOM/Venezuela
4. CARICOM/Colombia
5. CARICOM/Dominican Republic
6. The Commonwealth Caribbean and Canada (CARIBCAN)
7. Generalized System of Preferences (16 countries plus EEC) – GSP
9. CARICOM/Costa Rica

Export Barbados (BIDC) also has available for purchase the EUR1 form used to export to Europe and the UK. However, certification for these regions is done by The Barbados Customs and Excise Department. This is also the case for their dependents as in the case of the French territories such as Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The commercial invoice form 1 is used with all shipments irrespective of the agreement.

Certification Documents