Business Analysis Assessment

Business Analysis Assessment

For the evaluation of exporters’ short term export capacity, a matrix called Design Centricity of Exports (DCE) is being employed to score the dimensions of innovation and rapid export growth potential. To this end, a weight of 30% is given for each of the metrics of desirability, viability, and feasibility; while 10% has been allotted to short term growth capacity and international benchmark. The business analysis is based on the following criteria:


30 Points


30 Points


30 Points

Short Term Export

10 Points

The purpose of a design centric assessment for exporters to facilitate rapid export growth in targeted sectors is based on the evidence that design centric enterprises outperform traditional bottom-line focused enterprises.

In addition. We have embraced an export grade scorecard as follows. 

A grade: (85-100%) – very good and sound innovation and highly recommended for export in the short term 3-9 months.  

B grade (70-84%) – good innovation and recommended for exports with conditions in the medium term 9-18 months.

C Grade(55- 69%) – not recommended for exports consideration at the point in time, and requires revisiting.  Recommend to move to an export development program or an incubator program within the national small business safety net.

Project Decision Matrix.

Through a series of questions within each of the categories, a weighted overall score is calculated out of 100.  This allows Export Barbados (BIDC) to rank businesses and projects according to their potential to generate additional exports in the short, medium or longer term.  This model allows for greater transparency and objectivity in engaging clients.  It also allows for more effective prioritization in the allocation of the scarce resources of the Corporation that funds, time and technical expertise may be committed to those initiatives that are set to earn the best possible return in the given time period.