Course Content
Session One: Course Overview
Session One: Course Overview
Session Two: Understanding Risk
Session Three: Risk Management Activities
Session Four: Assessing Risk
Session Five: Responding to Risks
Session Six: Resourcing Controls
Session Seven: Reaction Planning
Session Eight: Reporting and Monitoring
Session Nine: Reviewing and Evaluating the Framework
Risk Management for Supervisors and Managers 2
About Lesson

Setting the Stage


Introduce yourself. Establish credibility by giving examples of training experience, and your own experiences with today’s topic, including some war stories if you have them.

Give the participants a chance to introduce themselves to you. You will probably want to know their name, their department, their position title, and what their interest is in today’s topic.

Ground Rules

Ask participants for some ground rules that should be followed during the course. Record ideas on flip chart paper. After the activity, create a final version and post them where everyone can see.

Some common ground rules include:

o What we say in this room will stay in this room.

o We can disagree with one another and provide feedback as long as we do so constructively and respectfully.

o We will all put on our listening hats when someone else is speaking.

o Everyone will participate to the extent that he or she feels comfortable. You get out of a workshop what you put into it.

o We agree that this is the place to make mistakes and to learn.

o We agree to each be responsible for our own behavior.

Housekeeping Items

Let participants know:

o When the workshop will end

o When breaks and lunch will be

o Where they can find break and restroom facilities

o Where fire exits are and what will happen if there is an emergency

o What the building’s smoking policy is

o How you would like cell phones to be handled, although this should be agreed upon by all participants

o What the classroom food and drink policy is