Collaborations Advancing Trade Efforts

Export Barbados (BIDC) and Cuba have formed a new collaboration intended to identify areas of Cooperation for trade, which can help boost the agency’s work in the bioeconomy and life sciences. 

While attending Agrofest, the Republic of Cuba’s Ambassador to Barbados, Yanet Stable Cárdenas, announced that as part of the cooperation, Cuban products will be introduced to the island, focusing on healthy food options. 

“At the same time, through Export Barbados, we will also introduce Cubans to products from Barbados. It is a perfect opportunity to expand our collaboration with Barbados and other Caribbean countries,” she added. 

Ambassador Cárdenas headed a delegation from the Republic of Cuba, which included representatives from the Ministry of Food Industry and LABIOFAM pharmaceutical laboratories. With Export Barbados’s (BIDC) support, the team participated in the annual national agricultural exhibition, showcasing various food products and biotech solutions for agriculture.

The Ambassador noted that the delegation’s visit to Barbados and participation in Agrofest is a testament to the mutual desire of both countries to collaborate and enhance their respective economies, specifically in the food industry and the agricultural and biotechnology sectors. 

“We are very pleased to be here to identify common interests and areas where we could collaborate. We have already identified some areas, but we think we can work together to find more common interests and work closer in the future.” 

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Export Barbados, Mark Hill, commended the knowledge exchange resulting from the continued partnership between Cuba and Barbados, which has enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1972.

“They are bringing their scientists to Barbados, and some of our scientists are going to Cuba, facilitating tangible knowledge exchange. With their input, we are improving the quality of our food science and creating healthier products. In turn, they are also benefiting from our expertise. For instance, they visited us to learn about our coconut industry, and now, they are beginning to build a coconut industry in Cuba,” CEO Hill said.

Last weekend marked the first time Cuba participated in Barbados’ premier agricultural event, which draws over 60,000 attendees annually.