Good progress being made in Pelican Redevelopment

The Pelican Industrial Estate redevelopment is progressing well, according to Export Barbados (BIDC).

Recently, a team from the Corporation met with occupants of the estate to update them on the work currently underway and to inform them of the upcoming construction plans. Attendees also had the opportunity to raise concerns and offer feedback on the plans.

During the meeting, the Manager Quality Infrastructure, Neville Rice, informed the audience that the construction of the day care facility is underway. He explained that the contractors had demolished the old Tropical Battery building and prepared the site for constructing the two-story facility.

“The floor slab was taken up and a liner was laid on marl, which was then compacted to the desired floor level. We are making steady progress as we build the foundation. In construction it is important to pay attention to the foundation,” Rice insisted.

He added that work on the expanded carpark in Zone 2 will commence in a few months, and it is expected that there will be some parking disruptions for those working or doing business in Buildings 1 and 2. However, he gave the assurance that steps would be taken to minimize disruptions.

Meanwhile, CEO Mark Hill disclosed that fencing has been erected in Zone 1, which is being built out as a food and entertainment center. He also revealed plans to create covered walkways and gardens throughout the center to make it more visually appealing.

CEO Hill also shared exciting news about Zone 2, dubbed Pink Pelican, dedicated to makers, designers, and artisans. He announced that these individuals would have more space to work and would automatically become members of the Corporation’s export program, which encourages innovation.

“We want to encourage more making, more manufacturing and to discourage the importation of products to be resold as local craft. We want this zone to be a celebration of Barbadian design, Barbadian craftsmanship and Barbadian skills,” he said.

CEO Hill said that the entire redevelopment remains on track to be completed in early 2024.