Export Barbados launches new online payment portal

Today, Export Barbados (BIDC) unveiled a new eCommerce portal, giving clients another avenue to make payments through the Corporation’s website using a credit card. 

Co-leads on the Digitization Project, Assistant Accountant, Kerry Hope and Senior Business Development Officer – Technical, Samuel Harrison are excited to see this initiative up and running. The portal, a deliverable of the Corporation’s Strategic Plan, was accelerated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harrison indicated that from today, February 1, all active tenants would receive an email notification containing their user ID and temporary password. Once they sign in, they will be required to create a unique password for their account. 

“Immediately tenants will be able to make payments, but of note, is that in this first phase, only full payments can be facilitated. However, we expect an update shortly to allow part payments on open invoices,” said the Senior Business Development Officer – Technical.

Assistant Accountant Kerry Hope added that not only will tenants be able to make payments online, but they will be able to keep up to date with their accounts. 

“In the past, tenants would have to call or visit us to query invoices, but through the portal, they would now have that information readily available, and if there are queries, they can reach out to us,” said Hope. “We also recognize that a lot of our clients are actively engaged in the management of their businesses, and we don’t want that they have to make that trip to Export Barbados when they can sit in their offices and just hit a button and say I’m paying XYZ invoice. There is so much time that will be saved”.

Co-leads on the Digitization Project, Senior Business Development Officer – Technical, Samuel Harrison (left) and Assistant Accountant, Kerry Hope.

Currently, the facility is only open to tenants but will soon facilitate payments for certification documents, seminars, workshops, and other services provided by Export Barbados.

Even with the new payment portal, tenants can still utilize the direct deposit option or the drop box facility in the Export Barbados Head Office lobby to make payments. Clients interested in using the new portal are invited to visit the Export Barbados website (www.exportbarbados.org) and click the ‘pay online’ button to proceed to the portal. For queries relating to accounts or payments, tenants may contact the team at receivables@bidc.org