Export Barbados (BIDC) driving life sciences and biotechnology in Barbados

Efforts are underway to make Barbados the life sciences and biotechnology island of the Caribbean.

Chief Executive Officer of Export Barbados (BIDC) Mark Hill, said a key part of that plan is developing a life science park at Newton, Christ Church. The life science park, which will span 23 acres, will be established adjacent to leading global T-shirt manufacturer Gildan, and is being developed with the goal of attracting top scientists and manufacturers from across the world.

Mr. Hill highlighted the intended project as well as plans for Barbados to produce and export hydrogen to the wider Caribbean and Latin America, while addressing potential investors attending a recent webinar hosted by Invest Barbados in collaboration with Dubai Exports.

“We are putting down a world class life science park with over 200,000 square feet of clean scientific space, so that global manufacturers [like] AstraZeneca [and] Pfizer can have the same quality space that they can find any part of the world available to them to take up to deliver their services to the globe,” Hill said.

CEO Hill is confident that Barbados can become a life science cluster similar to Costa Rica and Singapore. So not only is the Corporation hoping to attract pharmaceutical manufacturers to Barbados, but Hill is optimistic that those involved in medical technology manufacturing, drug development and advanced pre-clinical trials will find Barbados attractive as well.

Export Barbados also anticipates welcoming companies working in bioenergy development, research and development and food science, to “complement” the traditional sectors in Barbados.

To advance the life science and biotechnology thrust, Export Barbados (BIDC) is seeking to setting up a life science accelerator to facilitate startups in these areas. There are also plans for a life science and biotech global council.